Central Okanagan Railway Company

The Peachland Boys and Girls Club

All the members of the Central Okanagan Railway Company want to thank one of our long time members for his generous donation to our group.

Blair Middleton has moved into a ‘full service’ community and there was just no room for his life long hobby.  As a result he donated everything he had to us so we could raise the much needed funds to carry on.  A part of that donation included the condition that we donate some to the Peachland Boys and Girls Club.  Something that they could build on or simply store away maybe to just bring out at Christmas.

The result?  Three weeks in my garage and the club came up with the plywood and a couple of turnouts.  A added the paint and the glue.

The result?



Heck!  We may even get a new model railroader out of this.


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